Monday, November 22, 2004

say hello to my jolly svengali

my mom is mean. i don't mean that in a training bra teen anguish i just got my period way. i mean that in a i'm back to wearing my training bra, because my breasts shrank from being stressed out and grown up way. for those of you that think my brother and i overreact over my mother's capricious tyranny, you are absolutely wrong. she is sick, not just motherly mean, SICK. and today, without detail, i am reconfirming this fact. if you think I am a mean girl, fucking Whoa...because my mom is mean queen, and she's the only one in this world that can tear me down in less than 1/10 a second, and let me clarify that for you one more time: NOT in a motherly tear me down, in a i seriously find my only joy in making you feel like you should commit suicide.

on another note: my brother has joined the blogspot. so please make him feel at home. he is just as juvenile, perverted and quirked out as me, so check him out: the moniker is completely apropos. i'm just mad i didn't think of it first. in addition, i'm so proud of him. he's currently taking foundation drawing classes so that he can meet the prereqs to take the anatomy drawing class. once a week, after work, he draws trees. they are most definitely awesome trees, i kid you not, and don't worry, brother, soon enough you'll be drawing cocks and cooters, and it'll all be worth it. i am also sure you will hellaciously giggle at said weiners just as i did when i was sixteen in my first life drawing studio. this guy is a million times more talented than me with a pen, so it's a shame that he didn't do this sooner. anyway, kudos, jollysvengali, on your motivation to do what you want.


Blogger Doro said...

yo, boobalicious. you didn't tell me what the mean queen said this time. don't let it faze you. you're my hero. i miss not having you tuck me in at night. p.s. no shopping, shopping queen. why do i have a feeling you aren't going to listen to me?

November 24, 2004 at 5:43 PM  
Blogger Doro said...

dear "i rule",
where are you? haven't talked to you in ages. go online, dammit.

December 2, 2004 at 9:45 AM  

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