Tuesday, January 11, 2005

i'm snarky, apparently...

i think that's a good word for me. i'm easily snarky, but rightfully so. don't you think there's too many bitches and pissants out there? man, i am so snarky these days. thank you, doro...i love this nomer...miss snarky. (and i don't believe you that you just happen to have this word in your vocabulary...you definitely looked it up to snark me).
Top Ten List of things that Snark Me.
1. Fake anything, mostly handbags. Hey bitches, little kids make those things in the world's worst sweat shops and then crimelords make money off of them and do really bad things. P.S. I really hate bitches that are like, "OMG, I would NEVER spend that much money on a pair of jeans or a bag!!!"...loser. You would, however, let ten little Chinese kids build your crappy ass Phrada and Guchi bags in a cramped assembly line and sleep on a cement floor after they've had half a riceball for dinner.
2. Unjustified ego
3. Snobby white people (usually suburban mommanites or old money grannies and grampies) who don't say Thank You when you go out of your way to open/hold the door for them, because they think that's how it should be: Little chinkboys and chinkgirls as migrant workers and door servants.
4. Those people in the movie theaters who talk on their cell phones with an outdoor voice or add their own commentary. You know...THOSE people.
5. Fast food chains in big cities ruined differently by each minority.
6. When people call me a hater when I'm not even hating. I am hating most of the time,though.
7. Extremist Anti-fur losers like Pamela Anderson and their loser Vegan Mentality.
8. High School fanatics. Siss Boom Bah.
9. The crude and rude behavior of elder male fobs. "You can pick your nose, and eat it, too." And people who piss on the floor as if the bowl weren't even there.
10. When I wipe my ass to hard after diarrhea, and it itches all day.


Blogger Doro said...


1. don't pretend like I haven't seen your little murakami jewelery box that fatty bought you in china.

2. irule@jenkao.com

3. okay, you're not white, but you've got more migrant workers than any white person i know. (shamefully present company included-thanks for putting on jem to make the labor go by quicker though)

4. that's right. you just throw popcorn in the air.

5. you still eat yoshinoya, (6.) you hater.

7. red flying monkeys rule. (can you not buy something like that made from real fur. and can it not be prada as well?)

8. good point.

9. nothing like steaming uti piss during a snowy day in public.

10. can you not going around touching people's crotches now that you've announced that fact to the world?

email me, bi-otch!

January 12, 2005 at 4:30 PM  

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